5 Tips & Ideas for No Photo Journal Scrapbook Layouts

Mosaic Moments is about making art with photos, but when you don't have any you can make art with your journaling!

There are important moments in your life you want to remember, and a lot of times you didn't have time to snap a picture. You can still make great pages to add to your albums and scrapbooks. They make timeless treasures and great gifts as well. And they can be just as beautiful as your photo layouts!

Here are 5 tips and ideas to make those photo-less pages still stand out.

Tip #1 - Make a List


"Holiday For Two" by Tami Potter - Pattern #176

Make a list of items you would like to write for your journaling. See what Tami added to her list below:

From Tami:

My list included:

  • the date
  • location
  • details to note
  • movies we watched
  • the menu

Additional things you may want to consider on your list:

  • colors you remember
  • music
  • things that relate to the time or season
  • things that relate to the year or decade
  • If it is a childhood memory be sure to include ages of those involved
  • a list of relevant pop culture to add to your page
  • a time line that includes important events that came before and after the memory you are sharing.

After writing my list I let it sit for a few days. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go from there. I asked myself  “what made the memory stand out” and I realized it was because it was so different from the Thanksgiving Holidays that Kevin and I enjoyed growing up (always surrounded by our big families). That lead me to the idea to do a “he said/she said” of childhood Thanksgiving memories.

This Layout Features: The Basic Die Bundle.

Tip #2 - Decide on a Pattern


"Our Love Story" by Jodi Benson -

Choose a pattern based on a style you would like to do: basic, mosaic, strips, or a specialty die.

Next, make sure the pattern has large enough design spots to fit in the amount of journaling you want to write. We recommend picking your pattern first before writing up your jounaling, so you know what sizes it needs to fit in.

Jodi found a pattern with two larger spots for journaling and a title strip. If here is an extra space, use it for an embellishment. There was even room for the looped dies!

This Layout Features:12x12 Olive Grove Grid Paper from the Renaissance Revival CollectionLooped 2x2 Die Set2x2 Heart DieLayering Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle

Tip #3 - Play with Color


"Favorite Verses" by Andrea Fisher - Pattern #250

A 'no photo layout' may seem like a boring idea, but it doesn't have to be!

Look at the beautiful colors on Andrea's layout of bible verses. You may not be able to fit in this much color on a page with photos! Make sure your paper is not too busy for the writing - Andrea's paper is a simple water color look.

Bonus: No photo pages don't have to only showcase journaling. You can also make a page featuring your favorite poem, a song, or favorite verse from scripture.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Sky Blue Grid Paper, Star Flower Die set, Star Flower 1x3 Die, and the  Basic Die Bundle.

Tip #4 - Decide to Type or Handwrite


"BYU-Idaho" by Paije Potter - Pattern #561

Decide whether or not you would like to type or handwrite your journaling.

Pros and Cons for Handwriting: Future generations will love to see your handwriting. It's a piece of yourself you get to leave on your page. You also don't have to worry about fitting in your journaling correctly - you can simply write everything down with the spaces on your layout. But, handwriting tends to take up more space, plus it can look less neat.

Pros and Cons for Typing: Everything will look sharp and neat. You can usually type more words out and play with different fonts. The con is it takes extra time to measure the design spaces and print your journaling at the correct size.

Want to add journaling to specialty dies? See our article: 15 Ideas for Journaling in Unique Places and Shapes

This Layout Features: 12x12 Pewter Grid Paper, 2x4 Double X Factor Die, 3x5. & 2x3 X Factor die set, 3x3 X Factor die set, and 4x6 X Factor die set

Tip #5 - Top off Your Page with Embellishments!


"New Puppy" by Paije Potter - Pattern #669

If you lots of embellishments you have been waiting to use - a no photo layout is the perfect opportunity to use them!

We recommend laying out your elements first - all of the paper and journaling. Then decide on the placements of embellishments.

Paije used the Row of Hearts die with fun pattern paper to frame her journaling elements. She left a blank 2x4 design spot to fit in the larger embellishment - a large flower sticker and small leaf sticker, and a handwritten title.

There are no photos, but the layout is rich and beautiful.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Cranberry Sauce Grid Paper from Renaissance Revival Collection, Row of Hearts Die, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper and stickers from BasicGrey™.