15 ideas for Journaling in unique places and shapes

It may be difficult for you to decide how to journal on pages with Adventure Level Dies. They have many small design spots and different shaped design spots as well. You may wonder if journaling is even possible. You will soon see, It is TOTALLY possible to journal easily and beautifully!

Here are 15 tips and ideas to get you started and inspired to journal with Adventure Level Dies.

Fill the Simple Shapes

1. Add  Journaling Next to X Factor

"Cole's Igloo" by Paije Potter - Pattern #340

Journaling can be added to rectangles instead of the more complex X Factor shapes.

Here Paije added simple journaling in the grey 1x2 spots around her focal picture. She used the X Factor Dies in the other design spots. And she used Alphabet 3 Caps and Lowercase and Numbers 3 for her journaling.

Notice how she did not add pattern paper in all of the X Factor stripes. It is a great effect! A well designed page is so relaxing to look at, isn't it?

2. Add Journaling Next to Sweetheart Dies

On this pattern, Tami only used the 3x3 sized Sweetheart Dies and the 2x2 Sweetheart Die (center) so there were four 3x4 spaces to add photos and journaling - making it easy!

She filled one 3x4 design spot with journaling. She added lots of details to remember her fun Anniversary trip - notes about the delicious food and where they went that the pictures didn't show.

The Sweetheart Dies look gorgeous with journaling beside them! Try journaling about your loved ones next to the Sweetheart Die.


"Anniversary Trip" by Tami Potter - Pattern #427

3. Journal in the Metaphor Die

"Royal Gorge" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #461

Jodi was able to hand write her journaling into the rectangular sections of the Metaphor 2x4 Die.

One journaling idea is to create a bullet point list. Journaling doesn't have to be full paragraphs. Lists are a great way to journal. They are easy to read and very graphic. It's also easy to make them visually appealing.

The Metaphor Die gave Jodi just enough space for her title and bullet points! It looks amazing!

Keeping lists and being organized can relieve stress. Try making a list of your own in the Metaphor Die.

Print Your Journaling

4. Journal in the Shape of the Chic Die

One trick to journaling on Level 3 dies is to type out the words in a way that mimics the shape of the die.

Here, Tami journaled in the Chic Die Set. She shaped her words into a diamond shape just like the inside shape of the die.

She was able to fit many interesting details and facts about her trip and the zoo - one being that the beautiful mosaic is a photo from the zoo not pattern paper!

Try journaling in different Level 3 shapes. You will love it!


"America's 1st Zoo" by Tami Potter - Pattern #431

5. Journal in the Shape of the Crisscross 4x6 Die

"Arches 2017" by Paije Potter - Pattern #477 (rotated)

Look at how Paije journaled in the shape of the inside diamond of the 4x6 Crisscross Die.

She was able to fit the date, the title of her page, and her thoughts and feelings of her hike to the Arches.

When she looks through her scrapbook she will see this page and remember all the good feelings she had when she went with her friend.

The more you think about your vacations the more stress relief benefits you receive long after you're back home!

6. Add Journaling on Strips on the Dial Die

Candy typed out her journaling on a computer and then cut them into strips that were placed around the Dial Die layout.

She put most in the center of the dial but she also added the strips to each section of the dial.

This is such a therapeutic way to deal with everything that has happened recently in Candy's life. She journaled personal and general events of the year.

Try a layout like this one, it's pure therapy!


"Year in Review" by Candy Spiegel - Pattern #431

7. Add Printed Journaling to the Charmed Die

"Octopus Beach" by Paije Potter - Pattern #608

Printing your journaling doesn't have to be in the shape of the Level 3 Dies as long as it fits in the space.

Here, Paije used the Charmed Die and journaled in the very center circle.

She was able to write about her visit to the beach. She added the names of the dogs and listed what she found on the beach.

The journaling looks fabulous on her layout - try adding printed journaling on your next layout!

8. Journal in the Shape of Crisscross

"Hike to Humpback Rocks" by Paije Potter - Pattern #477 & #469

Surprise, Surprise - you can journal in the Crisscross design spots!

Paije shows how much journaling you can do above. She was able to add the title, the date, the place, and many details of her hike in the center of the Crisscross 4x2 and 3x2 spots.

Notice how she balanced the journaling on each page of her 2 page layout. Two journal spots on the top and bottom of her first page and two spots on the left and right of the second page.

She will really appreciate the time she took to journal her experience of her hike. Try to journal as much as you can on your pages. You will love reliving your good memories too!

Watch Video to Learn How to Create Journaling

Add Alphabet Dies

9.  Use Alphabet 3 Dies

"2020" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #431

Sometimes just adding the date is all the journaling a page needs.

Here, Jodi used the Alphabet 3 on the Quarter Pie Die Set to journal the dates of her photos. This layout is an overview of everything that happened in 2020. A year in review layout is a great way to use the Quarter Pie Dies.

Did I mention how therapeutic it is to keep track of all the good things that happen in your life? Especially during the hard times like 2020! Right?!

10. Add Alphabet 2 in the On the Dot Die

A title can say it all, can't it? Relax. Perfect sentiments for this page.

Jodi used the Alphabet 2 on the On the Dot Die Set. All this page needed was the title. Her sons will remember how relaxing this trip was whenever they see it.

Making a relaxing layout will you give stress relief too! Try journaling something relaxing in the One the Dot Die on your page.


"Relax" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #598 (adjusted)

11. Use Alphabet 3 Caps Die Set on the Dial Die

"Fall Kayaking 2019" by Paije Potter - Pattern #431

The Dial Die is a great way to make a highlight activity of the month page.

Here Paije journaled her kayak trip in October.

She used the Alphabet 3 Caps Die and the Number 3 Die to journal the date on the Dial Die Set. She placed the date Oct 2019 on wood grain patterned paper in the center dial.

What activity would you journal on the Dial Die?

12. Add Alphabet in the X Factor Dies

The X Factor Dies  have great design spaces for the Alphabet dies.

Here Paije used the Alphabet #3 to journal the words Rocky Mouth Falls Trail. They look fabulous on the top triangle of the 4x3 X Factor. Paije put them on top of blue patterned paper to really make the white words stand out.

Everything about this page is healthy - hiking, nature, the falls, the rocky arches. What pages do you have that remind you of health?


"Arches 2017" by Paije Potter - Pattern #477 (rotated)

Handwrite Your Journaling

13. Handwrite Your Journaling in Crisscross Dies

"Paddle Boarding at Sunset" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #103 (mirrored)

Promote self love - love yourself, love your handwriting! Embrace it and use it! Pages look so good with handwritten journaling.

Here Jodi used the Crisscross Dies and journaled in white pen on grey cardstock in the 2x3 Crisscross Die. The white ink matches her white Crisscross dies. It helps pull it all together.

Write your own journaling about the r&r you have experienced, you will feel rested and relaxed, guaranteed!

14. Handwrite Your Journaling in Clover Die

You can handwrite your journaling on any die. Sometimes it's easier to write it yourself rather than print it out. Handwriting is a good answer for your journaling for tricky spots that would be difficult to print.

Here, Paije used the Clover Die Set. She journaled in the very small spaces in-between the loops on the Clover 2x4s. It would have been tough to get the print just right on those spaces. She used a metallic pen and it just looks lovely.

Do you feel like you can taste the deliciousness too? Treat yourself and make a page like Paije!


"Birthday Lunch" by Paije Potter - Pattern #368

15. Handwrite Your Journaling with the Pie Die

"Food From All Over the World" by Paije Potter - Pattern #431

You can hand write on paper and then cut the words into strips.

Here, Paije used Quarter Pie Die Set  for her layout about the yummy food at Busch Gardens. She cut out her handwritten journaling and carefully pasted them in the corners on top of patterned paper.

You will like your handwriting even more when it's visually appealing like this journaling.

Did you enjoy the 15 tips & ideas for journaling with Level 3 Dies? Small design spots and different shapes will never be a difficult to journal with these tips. Give yourself the gift of better health and deeper life meaning by journaling on your scrapbook layouts.