2 Tips to Maximize Your Scraps for Valentines

Two Tips to Maximize Your Scraps

In an earlier post I altered our new Heart Frames with Washi Tape and removed the heart center to use in a later project, today you’ll see a quick way to make a decoration/tag for a gift with that heart and a second item that can be a décor piece or part of a larger ongoing project.


Tips2MaximizeScraps _002


First, to make this tag you will need the heart center from the frame.

Additionally, I used scraps to create an arrow point and fletching’s.

For the shaft of the arrow I came across a huge bargain in the $1.00 bins at our Target store. I bought two packs, one with red hearts on white and this striped one that I used.

I layered several bits of paper ( leftovers from cutting the quilt circles used in the second project) for the point and then used an X-Acto knife to create a slit in the straw to cradle the point.

I took a small rectangle trimmed it to fit the end and used a couple of glue dots to apply.

Positioning the arrow in the direction that I wanted it to sit I used the X-Acto knife to slice a line parallel to the edge to slide the straw through at both the top and bottom.

Finally, a small heart with a rub on message was attached to the front, and just rested it in my jar of pops.


Tips2MaximizeScraps _003


The second project features Mosaic Moments 6”x6” grid paper, paper tiles and our new corner tiles. I chose the red and white because it was seasonal and bold, and used scraps that I had on hand from recent projects. This can easily be accomplished with any color combination or quilt pattern that you like.

I love quilts, but completing them is often a challenge. I have four baby quilts and one full sized quilt waiting to be finished. It will take time…this paper quilt goes together quickly.

With outer borders and an inner 9-patch section of Cathedral Window Squares, I created an area for several 1” photos, words or patterned papers to be placed or to be left as is.

Tips2MaximizeScraps _006


Tips2MaximizeScraps _001


Crafty Cutts Dies ‘small quilt circles’ cut nice circles with a scored 1” square center just fold and score to get the Cathedral Window quilt block look where a 1” paper tile fits nicely inside, or use a photo of your choice.

Line the circle/squares to the lines of the grid. The area in between the squares will be a bit narrower as the folded sides take up space but I think it adds to the quilt look.

Four Corner tiles are placed in the outer corner squares, but you could also use photos in these areas as well. This might make a nice format to do a series of photos of one individual.

I think I’d like to do four of these in varying quilt patterns and colors to display them in a square pattern on a wall. This small 6” square size makes it possible to create quickly and have a larger project that can make a big impact. It also seems the easiest way to complete a quilt and with no sewing!

So if you need a last minute gift for that special valentine, look around for all those scraps and create!

Tips2MaximizeScraps _005


Have a day full of memories!