12 Garden Scrapbook Ideas with Mosaic Moments Dies

Great garden scrapbook layouts are almost effortless with the Mosaic Moments® scrapboooking system and it allows you to use lots of garden photos.

With Mosaic Moments® you never have to fear taking too many pictures, so snap away and capture all of the blooms, creatures, and people you meet on your garden journeys. There's always room for many more photos. And not only that, but we have designed many pages that show those photos off with different and exciting dies.

Here are twelve garden scrapbook ideas with dies we know you'll love to try. Hopefully, they will spark even more creative ways for you to lay down your garden photos!

1. Add The Honeycomb Dies

"Secret Garden" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #724

Whether there are any of your favorite pollinators buzzing around or not, the Honeycomb dies are a wonderful embellishment to your garden layout.

These dies look especially nice with multi-colored pattern paper behind them. Jodi used a white card-stock with the Honeycomb dies and a beautiful ombre pattern paper from Paige Evans™.  The white makes the dies stand out against the darker 12x12 grid paper. Another nice thing about the Honeycomb dies is that you can get them in many sizes - 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4 and 2x5 (actual sizes are 1x1 inch, 1x2.125 inches, 1x3.25 inches, 1x4.375 inches, and 2.125x5.5 inches). They are perfect for bee-autiful garden layouts.

Here, Jodi used the 1x4 and the 1x1 Honeycomb dies for her garden page that's all a 'buzz'!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Graphite Grey Grid Paper, the Honeycomb 1x4 Set of 2, Honeycomb 1x1 Set of 4, the Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern Paper from Paige Evans™.

2. Frame Your Page with Floral Pics

"Nashville Garden" by Tami Potter - Pattern #92 (Cutting Corners Book)

With the L Corners dies, you can create a large frame of floral photos for your focal point or your whole garden layout.

Here, Tami made a floral and pattern paper frame around her daughter and granddaughter. She chose to use a close up of blooms from her visit to the Cheekwood Gardens on the largest corners cut with the L Corners 3x4 Die. She finished the frame with pretty patterned paper in 1x1 inch squares and corners from the smallest die of the Corner Cut-Out die set.

This idea opens up all sorts of possibilities for your garden layouts.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Time Flies Grid Paper from the All Season Collection, the L Corners 3x4 & 2x3 Die Set of 4, the Corner Cut-Out Squares Die Set, the Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern Paper from Maggie Holmes™.

3. You Can't Go Wrong with the Grid Die

"Desert Garden" by Paije Potter - Pattern #381

The 1x1 inch mosaic is one of the original ways of scrapbooking with Mosaic Moments®.

The 1x1 Inch Grid die makes creating these stunning mosaics all the more accessible. The grid die comes in the Basic Die Bundle and Paije used it here for photos of blooming cacti from a desert garden. The wonderful thing about mosaics is that you can use more than one photo. The 1/8 inch gaps between each 1x1 square fools your eyes into thinking that it is all one large picture. 

That's what we call mosaic magic!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Sage Grid Paper (discontinued), and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern Paper from Simple Stories™.

4. Cut Your Flower Pics with the Strip Dies

"Walking Through Gardens" by Paije Potter - Pattern #582

Cutting your floral pictures into strips on your garden layouts elevates your page just that much more.

Paije used the 1x2.125 and the 1x3.25 Strips dies for her floral pics. She designed them to look like they are wrapping around the top and bottom of her focal photo. She cut three 1x3.25 inch strips to the right top and bottom left of her focal photo and four 1x2.125 inch strips below and on top of her focal photo. The bright blooms really set off her layout. The Strips dies work much like the traditional 1x1 inch mosaics where the gaps fool your eye into believing it's all one photo for a seam-less look.

This technique is another touch of mosaic magic for your garden layouts.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Fields Grid Paper from the Lazy Days Collection, Strips 1x2.125 Inch Die, Strips Cut 1x3.25 Die, the Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern Paper from Stamperia™.

5. Focus on the Details with Perfect Spot

"The Governors Palace" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #624

With the Perfect Spot die set, you can highlight special details with the circle centers. 

Within each corner section is a circle with pictures of Jodi's son as he explores the colonial gardens. Each 2x2 section also contains photos of different areas in the gardens. The Perfect Spot die set can cut one photo into four 2x2 squares that covers a 4x4 grid area. Then the circle or "spot" rests in the center of that 2x2 section. Jodi used white to get the circle cut photo to really stand out.

Your eye goes to the circles to get the details and it helps tell your garden story on your scrapbook layout.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Robins Egg Grid Paper from the Dockside Collection, Perfect Spot Die Set, and the Basic Die Bundle

6. Stick with the Basic Dies

"Flamingo Love" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #389

You can't go wrong with a simple page with the Mosaic Moments® Basic Dies.

The way the Mosaic Moments® system is designed, you can go simple or complex, and have the same polished look. We love that Jodi simply filled the smaller design spots with close up floral photos.  To get those 1/8th inch double mats she used dies from both the Basic Die Bundle and the Layering Die Bundle. She did add the 1x1 inch Mini Loop Border Dies with a tiny pop of pink in the centers for a little extra embellishing to top off her layout.

That tiny and bright detail makes all the difference on this fabulous garden layout.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Black Grid Paper, Mini Loop Border Die, the Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle

7. Use a Frame Die

"Garden Field Trip" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #561

Frame dies are a welcome addition to any garden scrapbook page.

You can frame your focal photo and any other interesting blooms or creatures you find during your visit. Jodi used the Fanciful Frames which we absolutely adore for garden scrapbooking. She used both the 4x6 and the 2x3 frame dies with similar patterned paper. She turned the 2x3 frames on their side to frame two beautiful butterflies found in the garden.

The Fanciful Frame dies have the pleasing swoops that add interest and delight to any garden layout.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Peach Blossom Grid Paper from the In the Garden Collection, Fanciful Frames 4x6, 2x3 Die, the Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle

8. Decorate Your Page with the Steps Dies

"Sunken Gardens" by Paije Potter - Pattern #50 (Cutting Corners Book)

The Steps Die set makes a great design for your garden scrapbooking.

You can fit a lot of images on your layout with these dies and you'll add lots of visual interest. The die set comes with two corners with steps going down the sides, and four 1 inch square dies for your convenience. Paije used the large die which is 4x4 or 4.375x4.375 inches to fill the corners of her layout with large tropical foliage. Because the die is over 4 inches, Paije had to use 5x7 photos to make this layout with the colorful tropical foliage. (She could have used card-stock or patterned paper instead if she didn't have access to 5x7 photos.) 

We love the 1 inch squares that fit in each little step that Paije cut with tropical pattern paper - it's the perfect touch for this garden layout.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Sunlight Grid Paper from the Lazy Days Collection, Steps Die Set, T-Square Corner Cut-Out 2x4 Die Set, Tropical Border Die Set, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper from Simple Stories™.

9. Feature Your Favorite Flowers in Each Dot

"Happiness at the Garden" by Paije Potter - Pattern #368

The On the Dot dies allow you to add your favorite flowers to each dot for a layout all about the blooms in the garden.

The large On the Dot Die is a 4x4 die (actual size is 4.375x4.375 inches) and has a place on each side for a circle to fit. In the center part of the die, Paije put photos of herself exploring the garden. She then placed a flower photo in each circle, as well as a few garden creatures she found, and placed them around the middle of her layout. The smaller On the Dot 2x4 dies help complete the 'circle of dots'. The outside edges of the On the Dot die have half circles she filled with floral pattern paper.

This is a great idea if you love taking pictures of flowers when you are in the garden.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Beachgrass Grid Paper from the Nantucket Collection, the On the Dot 4x4 Die, the On the Dot 2x4 & 1x4 Die, the Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper from Jen Hadfield™.

10. Add in Stone or Brick Walls To Add Interest with the Dies
"Around the Gardens" by Tami Potter

Take photos of the textures you find in the garden.

You can then use those shots of walls or walkways as pattern paper to further tell the story of your trip to a garden. Here, Tami used photos of stone walls to frame the large center diamond shape of the Home Run Die. She used the photos like pattern paper. They help her remember everything she experienced while walking around the beautiful garden.

It's almost as if you are back in the garden again when you look at this garden scrapbook page.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Daytime Grid Paper from the Ombré Collection, and the Home Run 5x5 and Home Run Pieces Die Set

11. Make It Masculine with the Frontier Dies

"Beautiful Blooms" by Paije Potter - Pattern #565

With the strong lines of the Frontier die you can make any garden layout look masculine.

Gardens are not just for the ladies. Try recreating a garden layout like this one with the strong lines and design features you love with Mosaic Moments® dies. The Frontier Die has amazing strong lines, but you could also use others such as Crisscross or X Factor. Here, Paije used extra close shots of fuzzy spring buds with a gorgeous blue background to fill most of the Frontier Die. Then she placed pictures of her dad in the center diamond frame portion.

The colors, the strong design lines, the garden architectural details, and the Frontier Die all make this a magnificent masculine garden layout.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Rain Grid Paper from the Lazy Days Collection, the Frontier 4x6 Die, and the Basic Die Bundle.

12. Get Close Up Shots for Amazing Die Designs

"Cactus Garden" by Paije Potter - Pattern #26 (Cutting Corners Book)

Paije used these up close cactus and floral photos to create this amazing layout.

With Mosaic Moments®, we encourage you to use good photo habits like taking different distance shots and angles. Here, the close up shots made all the difference to this desert garden page. The photos were cut with the Corner strips die and the Corner Connector die to get this perfect frame of strips around the layout.

Taking close ups of flowers will give you these amazing results on your garden scrapbook pages.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Persimmon Grid Paper from the Fresh N Fruity Collection, the Corner Strips Die, the Corner Connector Die, and the Basic Die Bundle.