10 Ideas for Exciting Sports Scrapbook Pages

Do you need an exciting sports layout to match the energy and excitement of your photos of the game? 

Look no further, we have 10 examples that we know you'll love to scrapbook and they will be as exhilarating to make as it was to watch. Try using these ideas to make new scrapbook layouts with your own photos.

Don't hesitate to scrap-lift all the details because we want all of your sports pages to "score!", or to "touchdown!", "go off with a bang!", or start with a "play ball"! 

Feature Your Favorite Player

"Ready Set Spike!" by Jodi Benson

Try putting one of your players in the spotlight.

Jodi put five Hip Hop 2x3 die cuts across her page and created a wavy line across the center of her layout - what a perfect way to highlight her favorite volleyball player! We think this die is wonderful for sports pages since it creates movement which is perfect for an exciting scenes.

This Hip Hop 2x3 die layout is fun and energetic, and it's a great way to show a progression of your favorite player's moves during the game!

This Layout Features:12x12 Prussian Blue Grid Paper, Hip Hop 2x3 Die (L3), the Layering Die Bundle Colored A-L through E-L (L1), and the Basic Die Bundle A-E & 1" Grid - Colored (L1). Pattern paper from Bella Blvd™.

Make Lots of Circles - or Pickleballs!

"Pickleball" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #598

Create a layout with lots of circles to mimic the ball or sport you are playing.
The Ernest Die is the perfect die for this pickleball page. Jodi filled the grid all the way across a 4x10 section with five Ernest 2x4 Dies and topped the middle eight sections with the Ernest Circles inserts. She resized her photos to fit inside the circle dies, so that you can see the details of their late afternoon/early evening pickleball game. These circles immediately remind you of the pickleball.
You can do the same for other sports, especially ball sports because the circles are the same shape as the ball. 

This Layout Features:12x12 Daytime Grid Paper from the Ombre Collection, Ernest 2x4 Die (L1), the Layering Die Bundle Colored A-L through E-L (L1), and the Basic Die Bundle A-E & 1" Grid - Colored (L1). Pattern paper from BoBunny™.

Show the Action!

"Kickin'" by Paije Potter - Pattern #373

Include all of your action shots on your scrapbook page.

One of our favorite things about scrapbooking with Mosaic Moments® is that there is room for a lot of photos. With a layout like this, you can fit 13 photos of soccer playing! You can also frame your sports shots with a die like Film Strip and add Corner Tile Dies to your larger pics.

Try adding all of your action shots to this layout for your next soccer scrapbook page.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Dawn Grid Paper from the Ombre Collection, the Film Strip 2x4 & 2x2 Die Set (L1), Corner Tiles 1x1 Die (L2), and the Basic Die Bundle A-E & 1" Grid - Colored (L1).

Make A Panorama of the Stadium

"Play Ball!" by Tami Potter - Pattern #119 & #119 (flipped)

A panorama of the stadium makes a huge statement on your sports scrapbook pages.

When you are at a college or professional game it can be difficult to get close-up shots. Don't discount the look of the long distance stadium shots. Take a few all around the stadium. You can use the 1" Grid die from the Basic Die Bundle to put your 4x6 photos together to make a whole stadium panorama mosaic over your whole two page spread. They will look like one huge photo if you line up the stadium top edge.

This is true Mosaic Magic.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Bamboo Grid Paper (discontinued), Hand cut, and the Basic Die Bundle A-E & 1" Grid - Colored (L1).

Place Your Players in the Corners

"BYU Football" by Tami Potter - Pattern #54 from the Cutting Corners Book

One of our favorite die collections to use with sports photos is the Cutting Corners.

The corner dies can fit so much action but in an unusual shape that no one else makes. It's a very exciting look for a sports scrapbook page. Tami used the Chunky Corner 4x4 for great shots on the field and the Corner Cut-Out Squares dies for pattern paper textured like a football.

The Cutting Corners collection is a great way to crop your photos of the players in an exciting way.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Prussian Blue Grid Paper, Chunky Corner 4x4 Die Set (L2), Corner Cut-Out Squares Die (L2), the Layering Die Bundle Colored A-L through E-L (L1), and the Basic Die Bundle A-E & 1" Grid - Colored (L1). Pattern paper from Echo Park™.

Grid Dies for Winning Pages!

"Richmond Raceway" by Paije Potter - Pattern #425 & #819

Use the Soft Corner Grid dies to create winning scrapbook pages.

The grid dies can be used to make a full page panorama of all the racing in motorsports scrapbook pages. And then you can add a couple 2 Soft Corner Grid mosaics on your second page to tie the two page spread together. Paije adding the blue and red little rounded corners to make them look like circles and that is the something extra special that finishes the winning look.

Use Soft Corner Grid dies for your next winning sports scrapbook layout.  

This Layout Features:12x12 Black Grid Paper, Soft Corner Grid Die (L2), Soft Corner Grid Pieces Die (L2), and the Basic Die Bundle A-E & 1" Grid - Colored (L1).

Turn Your Sports Photos 30 Degrees

"Learning to Snowboard" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #688

The 30 Degrees die will make your already cool snowboarding photos even cooler.

Jodi used the 30 Degrees dies to crop her snowboarding photos at an angle. This adds interest and variety to her layout. You can do the same with any sports photos.

The 30 Degrees dies will match the energy of your sports photos whether you are using chill winter sports or bringing the heat of summer sports.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Black Grid Paper, 30 Degrees 4x6 Die (L3), Snowflake Trio Die Set (L1), the Layering Die Bundle Colored A-L through E-L (L1), and the Basic Die Bundle A-E & 1" Grid - Colored (L1).

Make Your Page a Home Run!

"Wrigley Field" by Paije Potter

The Home Run dies will have your baseball scrapbook page sliding home.

The Home Run dies are absolute perfection for baseball photos. You can see four home plate shapes in each die. And when you place four on a page you can emphasize the large diamond shape they can make. The Home Run die fits many large size photos and they leave a 2x2 section that you can add a photo, a cornerstone, or two of the 1x2 pieces of the die. Don't limit this die to just baseball photos though.

It is a dynamic die that can bring the heat to any sport!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Kale Grid Paper from the Harvest Collection, Home Run 5x5 And Pieces Die Set (L3), and the Basic Die Bundle A-E & 1" Grid - Colored (L1).

Don't Forget the Detail Photos

"Rock Climbing Family" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #877 & #402

Those little detail shots bring so much texture and interest to a sports layout.

Here, Jodi added lots of the colorful wall climbing holds to her climbing spread. She used them for the background of her On the Dot title section of her first page and in the dots of the second page. You can easily create the same look with different sports as well. 

Remember to add detail shots on your sports scrapbook pages.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Graphite Grey Grid Paper, On the Dot 2x4 & 1x4 Die (L3), Alphabet 5 Die (L1), the Layering Die Bundle Colored A-L through E-L (L1), and the Basic Die Bundle A-E & 1" Grid - Colored (L1). Pattern paper from Simple Stories™.

Take a Chance with Black Diamond

"Ski Utah 2023" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #344

The Black Diamond is an newer Adventure Level (L3) die that has not been fully explored.

There are so many exciting possibilities with this die. You can create many different layouts and change the look of the diamond that is created with this die. We love this die for your sports photos, especially winter sports. Jodi filled the thick oulune of the diamond shape with winter slope landscape photos which frame her favorite skiers in the center diamond.

Take a chance and explore all of the possibilities with the Black Diamond Die and your sports photos.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Navy Grid Paper, Black Diamond 4x4, 3x4 & 4x5 Die Set (L3), the Layering Die Bundle Colored A-L through E-L (L1), and the Basic Die Bundle A-E & 1" Grid - Colored (L1). Pattern paper from Echo Park™.