The #1 Tip for Amazing Travel Scrapbook Pages

updated: June 2017

Have you ever looked at the Mosaic Moments scrapbook pages, and thought, “How can I make my pages look like that!”? or “I wish I could make my pages look that good”! The good news is you totally can! YOU can make your travel scrapbook pages look amazing.

#1 Tip – Take a Variety of Photos!

That’s right! You simply need to take a variety of different photos during your trips. Get in the habit of looking up, down, and all around for photo opportunities. Get up close and take a step back. You may spot a field of flowers, a beautiful ceiling, a unique pattern on a wall, or rustic brick below your feet! Mosaic Moments pages are amazing because of the details.

Yes everyone might think you look silly taking photos of random items. I certainly got weird looks, but it’s worth it! These type of photos aren’t ones you are going to frame, but on Mosaic Moments pages they make everyone’s jaws drop!

Don’t ever hesitate to take a photo of something that stands out to you! In New Orleans, Tami saw this lovely brick with the flower petals. This detail looks so beautiful on the layout – and it would have been a missed opportunity if Tami didn’t get that shot!

travel scrapbook pages

Here is the Full Layout. “New Orleans” by Paije Rodriguez

Photo Opportunities to Look For:

Flowers are one of our favorite subjects and most places have lots of them!

Look up to the tall trees and take photos of the wonderful details. During the fall, look down at your feet for lots of colorful leaves!

When you travel do you see colorful mosaics, chalk art on the sidewalk, or maybe some glass art? Look for interesting details that stand out to you and get up close!

Leaves and grass may seem like they wouldn’t be an interesting subject. But, you may be surprised what kind of mosaics they make.


At the beach, take a look at what’s below you. Are you at a rocky beach, a beach full of seashells, or even just a sandy beach? All of these make great scrapbook pages!


Next time you are on a plane ride, look out the window and get photos of the clouds. These shots will make a great mosaic later.

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