Strip it all the way across

Long strips help to ground a page and provide an additional design element. Check out the ideas below to see how cool they can be.

1. Add a Pattern

Help set the theme or mood of your page by adding a strip of patterned paper all the way across your layout.

"Desert Garden" by Paije - Page Pattern #381

2. Add a Journaling Block


"Autumn 2005" by Tami Potter - Page Pattern #104

Use a long strip of patterned paper to anchor a label or sticker to the side of your page. You can use the label as a journaling block or just let it be a decorative element. Either way it adds a big, "wow."

3. Try a Weave

Look closely at this page ... the center is actually three different colors of paper, cut into strips, and then woven together. Amazing! Learn how to do it, here:


"Butterfly" by Paije - Page Pattern #315

4. Top it Off


"This Girl Loves to Shop" by Paije - Page Pattern #204

Perhaps your photos do not fill the entire page. No problem. Top off the page with a huge graphic strip. It's so simple, but it makes such a statement.

5. Create a Title

Long strips are perfect for creating the title on your page. Cut letters out from dies or grab some sticker letters and ta-da! It's that simple.

"Butterfly" by Paije - Page Pattern #315

6. On the Side


"Alexis Lindsey" by Tami Potter - Page Pattern #174

Try turning the title on its side. It gives you a rectangle rather than a square space to work with, which can be fun -- especially if you have vertical photos.

7. Line it Up

Stips across your page are a nice way to help define sections of your page and reinforce your theme. Notice how this layout uses strips to separate the different photo sizes.

"Nature Walk" by Paije - Page Pattern #182