Graphic Frames

Customize Your Frame!

Graphic Frame dies offer a versatile and creative way to highlight your favorite photos, transforming them into stunning visual displays.

The border with segmented sections allows for a unique blend of colors and patterned papers, adding depth and texture to your photo presentations. This customization not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also draws attention to the central image, making your cherished memories stand out.

Additionally, using Graphic Frame dies enables you to coordinate your photo decorations with specific themes, seasons, or events, providing a personalized touch that reflects your style. The process is also a fun and engaging activity, perfect for scrapbooking enthusiasts looking to elevate their craft with intricate and eye-catching designs.


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Lots Of Size Options


Pattern used: No. 714

Graphic Frames Shown: 4x6 & 2x3


Pattern used: No. 965

Graphic Frames Shown: 4x5 & 2x4


Pattern used: No. 331

Graphic Frames Shown: 4x4


Pattern used: No. 381

Graphic Frames Shown: 3x3

Make Two Page Spreads


Patterns used: No. 394 and No. 427

Graphic Dies Shown: 4x6, 3x3 & 2x2