Simply Stunning

If you're looking to add a unique and dynamic touch to your pages, the Sidekick frame dies are a game-changer.

These dies feature a clever right-angled side spot running along two edges, perfect for filling with patterned paper, solid cardstock, or even photo snippets. The larger square area can beautifully showcase your favorite photos, while the side spots allow for creative customization. Plus, there's a cute little square in the opposite corner for that extra pop of interest.

When you use four Sidekick dies together, they create a stunning border effect that frames your photos perfectly. You can play with contrasting or coordinating colors, or even highlight the year your photos were taken. It's a fantastic way to add a personal and polished look to your scrapbook pages, making your memories stand out with style.


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Ideas with Sidekick

Patterns used: No. 133 and No. 368