Black Diamond

Thrill Seekers

Mosaic Moments Black Diamond die set is designed to create visually stunning scrapbook pages that will give your friends and family a thrill.

If you enjoy creating photo focused layouts that capture the essence of adventurous moments, the Black Diamond die set will be a great addition to your collection of scrapbooking tools. Consider experimenting with different layouts and combinations to showcase your photos in a way that reflects the excitement of your experiences.

Scroll down to see various examples of the elegant designs you can create and see how to add a touch of sophistication to your scrapbooks!


See Black Diamond in Action:

In this Video you will learn:

  • How To Create the Black Diamond Design
  • How to Create a Mini Panoramic Look in the Center of Design
  • Bonus Page with a Chevron Design
  • How To Cut & Glue the Die Cuts

    Two Options

    Patterns used: No. 344 and No. 446

    The layout on the left shows the Diamond design option with the two 3x4 sizes and the 4x4 die in the center.

    The right layout has the same 3x4 dies on the top and bottom, but the middle was made with the 4x5 Black Diamond option.

    Turn it Vertical or Horizontal

    Patterns used: No. 344 and No. 679

    More Design Ideas

    Patterns used: No. 344 and No. 603