Die Cutting Machine Compatibility Information

Use following chart to see which machines are compatible with Mosaic Moments™ Dies.
“Formula” Chart lists the additional shims needed for adapting the machines for use with Mosaic Moments™ dies.
NOTE: die machines & dies vary. If your machine leaves an embossed ridge try using thinner plates and/or use a stack of cardstock instead of an additional plate.  If the machine does not cut through add one or more sheets of cardstock as a shim until you get the desired result.

Die Cutting Machine

Formula for Mosaic Moments™ Dies

We R – Evolution Advanced

1. Platform
2. Mosaic Moments™ Die (Ridges Up)
3. Photo or cardstock.
4. Mat B
5. Set dial to #11
Note: #11 was best for us – Please test your machine for best dial number.

Sizzix Big Shot,
Big Kick and
Vagabond Machines

1. Sizzix Multipurpose Platform (use #2 but remove the #1 piece)
2. Sizzix Cutting Pad
3. Mosaic Moments™ Die (Ridges Up)
4. Photo or cardstock.
5. Sizzix Cutting Pad

Provo Craft Cuttlebug

1. Cuttlebug Space Plate A
(Standard or Extended)
2. Cuttlebug Cutting Plate B
3. Mosaic Moments™ Die (Ridges Up)
4. Photo or cardstock.
5. Cuttlebug Adapter Plate B
6. Shim on top with 8 sheets of 65 Lb Cardstock. (This can be plus or minus a sheet depending on thickness of cardstock – test for best number on your machine.)