Christmas Photo Ideas List

It seems like I always have a camera in my hand. I love to take pictures and I want to have a record of what seems like “everything” to my children. Sometimes being the person behind the camera means “living outside of the moment.” I am so focused on getting the picture that I miss many of those little moments that I worked so hard to create – like the reactions of my children when they arrive in our family room and see all the gifts from Santa.


My “enjoy your holiday tip” is – don’t worry about taking ALL the photos on Christmas morning. Detail your holiday by taking photos in advance. Get in close up – take pictures of special ornaments – not just the tree. Take a photo of the bow you put on your mail box – or the wreath you attached to the front of your car.

On Christmas morning get the group shot in the matching pajamas – and then relax and enjoy each moment!

When the holiday is over, journal your memories of the day, along with the stories of those special ornaments, collectibles, and decorations. How did that collection get started? When did you start putting a wreath or a bow on your car? When did you decide to buy Christmas china? (or those cute “plastic” plates and bowls they sell at Target.)

These 8×8 pages – were created by Sandi Keene to tell the story behind her good friends special ornament collection.

What things do you surround yourself with during the holidays? Be sure to take a picture before you put them back in the storage box!

Here is a list to help inspire or remind:
Special ornaments
Things your children brought home from school
Tree topper,
Centerpiece for the table,
Table cloth patterns
Napkin ring holders,
Christmas cookie Jar
The neighbors big blown up snowman – the one that always seems to blow over in a good wind.