Tami’s Mosaic Moments Story

From Scrapbooks to Roadtrips

I began using scrapbooks in the mid-80’s as a place to keep memorabilia; I started with cheap (not archival) scrapbooks purchased at Kmart. In the mid-90’s I was excited to find nicer books with page protectors at a local Hallmark store.


It wasn’t until about 1998 (after the birth of my second daughter) that I learned Scrapbooking was a booming hobby with dedicated stores, magazines, and conventions.

My sister-in-law told me about a store she had been to in Utah called “Pebbles in My Pocket.” I decided we needed a place like that in Virginia; so, I opened a small studio/shop and called it “Snapping Turtle.”


The more I created my own scrapbooks, the more I wanted things that were not available. So, I started designing and selling the products I wished for. My first product launch was called Alphaduets™.

KISS & MAKE UP a new scrapbook system

Mosaic Moments®… It all started with a disagreement with my husband (you can read the long version here.)

After making my first photo mosaic collage I was approached by customers who wanted me to teach the process to them – which, in the beginning – with hand drawn grid, was very time consuming.

Tired of drawing lines on paper, I knew there was a better solution. That is when Mosaic Moments® Grid Paper was born.


I first introduced the Mosaic Moments® Mat & Grid Paper at a Memories Expo in New Jersey.

I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the response. We quickly sold out of all the grid paper we’d taken. Not knowing what I’d do the next day, I called my husband, Kevin. I asked if he could drive up to New Jersey and bring more supplies. He agreed to the journey; but, he underestimated the demand, just as I did.

Before the end of the second day we sold out again!


Though Mosaic Moments® was immediately loved by scrapbookers, many store owners were not as quick to embrace the product line. It required too much education. So, my Roadies and I took Mosaic Moments® “on the road” to teach our system at scrapbook conventions. There were years that we “lived out of suitcases” (In 2010 we went to 25 scrapbook conventions). The Mosaic Moments® tour lasted well over a decade. (2001-2014)


I’ve traded in my travel bags to focus more of my time on building online education (have you seen our pattern gallery?) and developing exciting new products.

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Before there was grid paper

  • Kmart Scrapbook pages with hand drawn pictures and hand written journaling.

  • Hallmark Albums

  • Page with a poem written for my daughter. (The poem would later be printed on one of our Taglines.)

  • New 12×12 Albums – Still no Grid Paper. Time consuming to measure and align everything!

Tami Trivia

  • Proud Pirate!

    I graduated from East Carolina University with a BFA in graphic design.

  • Fell in Love

    The best love stories are our own – You can read My LOVE story Here.

  • From Sea to Shining Sea

    I grew up in the Pacific Northwest – Moved to the East Coast in 1991.

  • Lucky 7

    Kevin and I have three children born seven years apart.