8 Two Page Scrapbook Ideas with Mosaic Moments Specialty Dies

Do you love to make two page scrapbook spreads? Do you love using the specialty dies?

We gathered some of our favorite two page spreads using our Level 2 (Discover) and Level 3 (Adventure) dies. Many of you may have a hard time picking two different patterns, so we are providing ideas to inspire you! The key is to repeat one or more elements on both sides and make sure they look balanced.

Keep scrolling to see our two page spread ideas with the specialty dies.

Repeat the Same Die

"Wheeler Farm" by Paije Potter

For this layout, Paije used the "L" shaped dies from the T-Square set on both sides.

To give her layout harmony, she also cut this die with the same wood photo. On the left side, the T-Square dies are rotating around her focal point. She didn't repeat the same exact look, but on the second layout the die cuts are placed in a pinwheel design.

Just adding the same die cuts on both sides gives her layout repetition and makes it more uniform.

This Layout Features: Mustard 12x12 Grid Paper, T-Square Die set, Corner Cut-Out Die Set, the Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper from Carta Bella™. 

Repeat the Same Collection

"Jones Snow 2018" by Lauren Jones - Patterns #686 & #664

This fantastic two page spread uses different dies on both sides, but they are from the same collection.

Lauren used the Whimsy dies for her two page layout and both sides look harmonious since similar elements were used. On the left side, some of the smaller Whimsy dies were placed there to make the giant curved frame design. On the right, Lauren used the 4x4 Whimsy dies that coordinate.

When in doubt, use the same collection or series of dies on both sides.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Mint Grid Paper from Fresh N Fruity Collection, Whimsy 3x4 and 3x3 die set, Whimsy 4x4 die set, and Nested Scallop Frame Die Set. Pattern Paper from Echo Park™.  

Repeat the Same Shape

"Day in Richmond" by Paije Potter - Patterns #335 & #691

Isn't this layout with the large circle and the mini circle fantastic?!

Many of our specialty dies are designed to create a particular shape on your layout - such as the Horizon collection, which makes a big circle. The collection also includes dies that can make smaller circles as well. But for your second layout, you could also use another die such as the Circle Tiles set.

You can make a two page spread, like Paije did here, with two different sizes of the same shape to create repetition on your layout.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Pear Grid Paper from Fresh N Fruity Collection, Horizon Die Set, 2x4 Horizon Die, 3x5 Horizon Die Set, Mr. Snow & Flakes die set, the Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper from Bella Blvd™ and Stickles™ from Tim Holtz. 

Create Collages with Patterned Paper

"Snow!" by Paije Potter - Pattern #392 & #454

Create two different collages on your two page scrapbook pages.

The Corner Tiles dies make excellent collages. You can even use them to create stripes and other patterns with your photos and patterned paper. Paije created the same striped pattern of the grey paper and the blue and cream snowflake paper on both of her layout pages which brings the two different pages together.

Use the same patterned scrapbook paper on both sides to create harmony.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Klondike Grid Paper (discontinued), Corner Tile Die, Jumbo Corner Tiles Die Set, Corners 3x3 Die, Corner 4x4 Die Set, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper from PhotoPlay™. 

Combine Different Dies That Work Together

"Christmas Town 2019" by Paije Potter - Patterns #678 & #164

Did you know that the Charmed die and the Going in Circles Dies can work together to complete the rings of the circles?

When you use them together on one page you can use the other on your second page of your two page layout and no one is the wiser that they aren't from same die set. Paije filled them with the same berry photos and Christmas patterned paper on the smaller design spots.

Try mixing different dies that have similar designs and fill them to match.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Cloves Grid Paper from Harvest Collection, Charmed 4x6 Die, Going in Circles 2x4 Die, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper from BasicGrey™.

Line Up Your Dies in a Row

"Backyard Snow Fun" by Paije Potter - Patterns #478 & #345

Many times you can line up the same die for the second side of your two page spread. Notice how the 2x4 dies on the left line up with the 2x4 vertical dies on the right page.

Add a little contrast by making a new arrangement for your second page. Each side will complement the other. The left side has the On the Dot dies in a square shape and the right is a full row of five On the Dot dies. If you had made each side exactly alike, the two page spread would end up looking dull in comparison.

The On the Dot dies can be configured in many different ways so they're a great die collection to try this idea with.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Persimmon Grid Paper from Fresh N Fruity Collection, On the Dot 4x4 Die, On the Dot 2x4 and 1x4 Die Set, On the Dot Bow 2x4 Die, the Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper from PhotoPlay™. 

Use a Pinwheel Pattern for Your Second Page

"11th Birthday" by Paije Potter - Patterns #477 & #368

The Pinwheel Patterns from the Mosaic Moments® Pattern Gallery make excellent second pages.

Use this to your advantage when making a two page spread in your scrapbooking. The X Factor is a prime example of a die that works extremely well with a pinwheel pattern for a second scrapbook layout. Paije used the large 4x6 X Factor die on the left side and four 4x4 X Factors on the right with the pinwheel pattern #368.

Pattern #368 is one of many pinwheel patterns you can use so that your two page spreads are different and yet complementary to one another.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Hope Grid Paper from Happiness Collection, X Factor 4x4, 3x4, 2x2 Die set, X Factor 4x4 Plus Nested Die Set, X Factor 2x4 Die, X Factor 3x4 die, and the X Factor 3x3 die set. 

Create Different Sized Centers

"Muddy" by Lauren Jones - Pattern #360 & #469

When creating a two page spread, it's important for the center elements of your layout to be different sizes.

Lauren created two different centers with the Crisscross dies. On the first page she has a large diamond center. On the second she used the X Factor 2x2 for the very center of her Crisscross layout. This gives the two page spread a nice balance with two diamonds, but a vast difference in size.

We can't wait to see all of the combinations you come up with for your two page scrapbook spreads!

This Layout Features: Cocoa 12x12 Grid Paper, Crisscross 4x4 & 1x1 die set, Crisscross 3x5 die set, Crisscross 2x4 die set, Crisscross 2x3 die set, Crisscross 3x3 die, and X Factor 2x2 die from the X Factor 4x6, 3x4, & 2x2 die set. Pattern Paper from Basic Grey™.