7 Spectacular Fall Pages to Scraplift

Autumn is an awesome time of year, inspiring the photographer in all of us.

Here, are 7 spectacular fall pages to showcase the best of your autumn pictures. You may even get some photo ideas.

By all means, scraplift away!

1. Create a Quilt


"Fall with Sadie" by Paije - Pattern #162

When you just have a few photos, make a dramatic accent with the corner die. Corner dies come in several different sizes, so you can create a variety of patterns on the Grid.

2. Showcase Strips

Make your fall landscape photos really pop by cutting them into strips. You could also combine multiple photos to create a panoramic with strips.


"Fall Parkway" by Paije - Pattern #195

3. Incorporate Mosaics


"Blue Ridge Parkway" by Tami Potter - Pattern #157

Cutting a few photos, or parts of photos, into mosaic pieces creates a beautiful scenic background for your main pictures.

4. Make it Round

What better way to showcase a trip to the pumpkin patch than to create a circle!

Use the Horizon Die Sets to make the circle and then add a feature photo in the middle. Accent it with stickers for an adorable fall page.


"Pumpkin Picking" by Paije

5. Wow!


"Carter Mountain Orchard" by Paije - Pattern #344

Trip to the apple orchard are naturally filled with photo opps. But to make those photos really say, "WOW," showcase them with X Factor Dies.

These dies allow for unique corners and frames and lines that you cannot get with any other die set.

6. Pieces of Pie

Pumpkin pie and autumn go hand in hand. Take a cue from that and create a beautiful pie filled with fall fun.

The Pie Dies allow you to place 12 photos on a single page.


"Autumn Mountains" by Paije - Pattern #431

7. Fill it with Diamonds


"Details of Shenandoah"by Paije - Pattern #133

Another way to incorporate a lot of pictures on a single page is with the Diamond Mine Dies.

This collection creates some unique shapes and this layout allows for at least 17 photos on a single page!