Watch our Video to see all the Level Up Sequence Dies!

Are You Ready to Level Up?

Level Up will help you build confidence as you create amazing pages with our exciting sequence of dies.

Extra support is provided via videos, examples, a multi-part class, and 3 Crop-a-longs with Tami. You will also enjoy a private Facebook community just for Level Up Sequence customers.

We will start with Explore (L1) Dies and work our way up to Adventure (L3).

  • Months 1-2 includes Explore (Level 1) Dies.

  • Months 3-6 includes Discover (Level 2) Dies

  • Months 7-8 includes Adventure (Level 3) Dies.

Level Up Sequence Dies are only available with the full program. This allows us to offer them with a great discount and provide all the additional support and products we think you will love!


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Order your Level Up Sequence at

For Monthly Payment option Please Follow the IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS on the site.

What's Included in the Level Up Sequence?

Month 1:
  • Crystal 4x6 & 2x3 Frames
  • Crystal 1x3
Month 2:
  • Tiffany Box 2x2
  • Tiffany Box 1x3
  • Tiffany Box 1x4
  • Tiffany Box 1x1
Month 3: Break Away
Month 4: Get Around (Part 1)
Month 5:
  • Get Around 4x4 & 2x2 (Part 2)
  • Get Around Circles (Part 3)
Month 6: Get Around 4x5 & Layers (Part 4)
Month 7: Wavy 4x5
Month 8: Wavy 3x5 & 2x5
  • 24 Project Cards (3 shipped per month)
  • Easy access to web pages with additional ideas and videos.
  • Online Crop-A-Longs with Tami
  • Online "Get Around" Class
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group

What does it cost?

Your price for the full 8 month Level Up Sequence program is $439

Customers can choose to pay a one time fee of $439 or they can choose to pay $54.99 per month for 8 months.

The Retail Value of the dies included in the Level Up Sequence is $400. The full Level Up Program value is $678.

For under $40 Level Up Customers are getting the super support items listed below with a retail value $278:

  • 24 Project Cards
  • Multi-part online Get Around Class
  • 3 online Crop-a-longs
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Shipping included in USA

A great value with 35% overall Savings! (Applicable state sales taxes will be added.)

For those who select the monthly payment option, credit cards will be charged at the beginning of the month before boxes have been shipped.

Products will ship each month for the 8 month period no matter how you pay.

Note: For those outside the USA, there is an additional shipping charge of $12 per month.


When will it ship?


The first shipment will go out at the end of the month of purchase.

Shipments will continue to be shipped about the 3rd week of each month.

The last shipment will go out in the 8th month after purchase.


Shipping is included in the USA.

Shipping outside USA - additional $12 per month.

Note that you will need to choose the USA shipping item or the OUTSIDE USA shipping item depending where the product is shipping to.


Order your Level Up Sequence at

For Monthly Payment option Please Follow the IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS on the site.